Thursday, November 24, 2005


Cleaning is such a depressing word. Being one of the untidiest persons alive, putting my room straight is a huge and pretty pointless task. I do it now and then when I find that there is no more floor space to walk on or when someone is coming over. And since my cousin was coming over and needed to sleep in my room, I was forced to clean it. It took me two whole days cos I was doing it, distracted and vague individual that I am. First let me state that while my room may look like a melting pot of the world’s own rubbish, I know exactly where I can find any given thing. If u need those calligraphy nibs, they r under the bed, near my copy of the Gardner. The charcoal sticks? Look in the pile near the clothes rack. Not there, below those acrylics! What about that lump of clay? Wrapped in a damp towel and stuffed in a plastic cover under the cupboard, where else?? Well, whatever people think, my room is perfect!
I started with my bookshelf, a bad place to start. Pulled out all the books, dusted them and promptly started reading. Once I start reading, I’m stuck cos I tend to forget the time. So it took me around half a day cleaning an area a normal person would have finished in about an hour. Another thing I need to mention here is that I'm a pack rat. And that I hate throwing things away. Most of the time, I move things from one room to another, much to the frustration of the rest of the household. At this juncture of my slow and rather ineffectual tidying efforts, my sister joined me. Sangeetha’s idea of order and mine vary diametrically. For me, if I can find everything I need, that’s order enough for me. Sangeetha loves, absolutely loves throwing things away. She hates clutter as much as I thrive on it. She's like Appa that way. Appa lived 3 years in Lucknow in a three bedroom house with a bed, a sleeping bag when it got cold and a single shelf with all his clothes. He would be happiest living with a bed, 2 sets of clothes, a towel and a toothbrush. Till date, he can’t understand why amma wants anything else, he thinks the house is too crowded as it is and his greatest pleasure lies in giving or throwing things away.
Digressing as usual. Where was I? Oh yeah, Sangeetha. She started sorting thru my books and notes.
What are u doing?? Those are my notes!!
Buddhist Art?? That was your first semester paper, right? What do u want it for now?How do u know? I might need it for something.. Reference..
Bullshit, why would u? u just like junk lying about. This place is filled with rubbish!
Hey, do u know how many hours I sat in the library taking notes?? U leave them alone!
Ok, what about these loose sheets? Surely u don’t need them?
U bet I do! Those are my class notes for twentieth century! And I haven’t written that paper yet!
Oh please! This rubbish is the notes u took in class? On scraps of paper??
Well, I forgot to take a notebook, ok.
But look at them, they r just scribbles! How the hell do u make any sense out of them?
Well, they make sense to me, that’s enough. Now leave my stuff alone! Ill sort thru it myself.
Yeah, u’ll just put it all back. Right??
Ok, u can throw this away..
That’s one sheet, Sheila! That’s all you’re throwing away?
Hey, get off my back, ok!
And what about these drawing sheets. They r used..
No, I wanna use the back for practising. Put them back.
Just leave my stuff alone, ok. Ill handle it.
Pointless talk. I managed to sneak back half the stuff she threw away, she managed to throw away lots more.
It moved a lot faster after she came to ‘help’.
My room is clean now. Unrecognizably so. A neat room blanks my mind. Ideas r just not coming. My creativity got thrown out with all my junk. I cant find anything anymore. Help!!


pen at work said...

hahahahahah! but im sure sangee didnt say all those things..not possible..she does not think rational thought

Anita Nathan said...

I sure cn help u! When do u want me to come by?

harlequin said...

anytime, babe!! anytime..

pen at work said...

how u not write for so long dirtydoggg??

strangeling said...

ohh damn...i'm pretty much the same when it comes to's a perfectionist AND a minimalist while i thrive in chaos!! isn't it kinda funny tho, walking through your room afta you've cleaned it and not trippin over anythin or squishing a precious something underfoot..? ^.^