Friday, July 28, 2006

I meet a lot of people who go- hey, I read your blogs. They’re cool.
Thank you. How come u didn’t comment?
Well, I'm telling u now.
Yes, but why didn’t u comment on my page?
(Uncomfortably) okay, I will next time.. Maybe.
They don’t. The next time I see them - hey, I checked out your blog about the whatever. It’s really interesting and I so agree with u…..

What is it about not commenting?
You guys read pieces of me!! My life! Say something, respond. Or at least tell me u visited. You know – blahblah was here… something like that.
This is something I feel really strongly about. You visit, you comment. Hand in hand.

If you enter my world, leave footprints.
Thank you.




u want footprints? this isn't even a proper blog (although u've expressed my sentiments perfectly..can i copy this?)
oh yeah! footprints!
*throws computer to the floor and stomps on it*
(thats how i feel about non-commenterss)

Anonymous said...

'hey - I was here!'

Just entered...mayb will read on...before I continue doing that..thought of leaving this footprint!


(have temporarily blocked access to my blog - so, u can reach my photographs here - Tks)

Anonymous said...

Hey Hi,

ho hum blah blah blah chomp chomp blah blah

harlequin said...

i is louwing it!! who it is being??

Anonymous said...


I dont know whether you'll check this comment or not, but I liked the way of saying this. I liked ur posts, they are straight, different and yah, rebellious.. Good going..
I wonder sometimes, how can talent be restricted to blogs only... publishing and taking things to newer heights would be better ..
I can bet if we all start publishing, we could have a great pool of indian talent in the arena..

Once I wondered how can chetan bhagat write so lovely... then i saw some blogs which were even good . You ppl should take this art seriously..

Jay ..

harlequin said...

of course i check my comments! :) thanks for ur feedback. i dont write for recognition.. comments like urs easily satisfy whatever literary accolades i crave.. ;)

Vimala said...

I tripped over your blog searching for something else on the net (isn't it that way always!!!) and found it alive, passionate and real.
The problem with blogs is you get carried away with your perspectiveand it gains a mush stronger hold on you, once you have put in print (even if it is only a blog!!). I do not know how many feel there could be no other way of looking at things! Maybe a few do and take cognizance. this just an alert!
Yet, this writting as i said earlier is worth reading and mulling over. All the best.
Vimala Sunder