Friday, July 28, 2006

Blogging takes time. Blogging takes effort. Sometimes I wonder why I blog at all. What is the point of stating my opinions to the world in general? I mean, does the world even care? Why should anyone care that I fell off my bike or that I have a problem about so and so? Why do I blog?
I don’t know.
What makes me sit and type out vague, unimportant details of my life when I have plenty of better things to do? People have plenty of better things to do than read the same nonsense too….
Why do I blog, then?
I really have no clue.
Is it cos I have nothing better to do? No. is it cos I love writing? Maybe… but not always.
Is it cos I like getting feedback n comments? I do, but that’s no reason. Is it cos I can use this page as an emotional catharsis? Sometimes. Most times I post silly writing. Why, why, why?!
Okay, blank your mind. Think. Take deep breaths. (Attempts yogic posture. Falls off chair. Picks self up and sits on chair again. Does not re-attempt yogic posture.)
I don’t know.
I write. Period.



hmmm..i tried the yogic posture but the chair broke.
I know why you write! it is because ur soul craves and screams for recognition and comments!
muhahahaha! *two men enter the room and drag self away from the computer and throw self into a van labelled 'kilpauk'*

wwe bloggers stand united.calloh callay.

John said...

If you love to write-
Go on have fun-
Observe the world- and your art will get stronger –
We write to gain peace of mind –
The heart grows stronger -
I should write in my blog everyday-
But get caught up in other things –
I get pulled in other directions –
-School - (college) work- Family- Life-
The wind pulls me-
My Dreams pull me-
On, an on
an on -
Anyway keep up the good work

harlequin said...

thank u, John. i know just what u mean.. i keep meaning to blog but it just never happens most of the time..

Jay Rulz! said...

I stepped... and leaving a foot print... Yes i was here!!!

Good writing sis... keep writing!!

harlequin said...

thank u, jay! thank u!!

hamsini said...

I write. Period.

Amen.Reason enough!:)

Jay Rulz! said...

Will you comeback and write something???