Tuesday, January 03, 2006

College reopens tomorrow. Hmmm.. It’s a day three. That means I have three hours of MO – advanced design. And I haven’t done the mood boards. Well, you deserve it; you put it off till the last minute. What about the scribbles for the silk screed motif? Not even started? Very good! What do you plan on doing now, Ms. Smarty? You are royally screwed, you know that? Oh my God, what about the project? No research at all done! AM Davierwalla? Don’t even know who the guy is, how the hell do I do a seminar on him?? And there’s nothing on google search too! What’ll I do? What’ll I DO?? Mylapore festival? Nothing done. Folk art? Uh huh. Aiyo… I'm so screwed! What did you waste time for?? I didn’t, amma needed help for Christmas, Shilpa came over… I needed a break, dammit! Yeah, right. Final year, babe, make the sacrifices! Come on, you could have made the time! No, I couldn’t! Fine! Do what you want now. Catholic doctrine assignment! Procedure of marriage followed by the Catholic Church. Why the hell do I have to work on something like that now?? Procedure for marriage, it seems. Chee! Aiyo, mobilization for the Diocesan retreat! Have to talk to Sr. Colleen, have to prepare announcements.. Hmmm, must speak to jenny tomorrow.. Friday prayer meeting!! Don’t panic. DON’T PANIC!! Deep breath, Sheila! Breathe in, breathe out. Breathe in, breathe.. KOLAMS!! Oh s*** forgot completely about that stupid Divercity workshop! Good, continue forgetting about it, it’s too late to do anything now, so leave it. Now concentrate on tomorrow. Finish the mood boards and the scribbles. But the folk art and the.. No, leave it. Be practical, think, Sheila! You can handle this. You’ll survive, you always do. Deep breath. Now say a short prayer. Good, now go and start.

Stress gone. Thank you, blog page.

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