Saturday, October 22, 2005

when one thinks of overcoming one's fears, conquering the self and reaching a higher plane, one tends to connect it to something heroic or at least interesting.. well, for me, most of life's battles have been on a small scale.. actually they could hardly be called battles to anyone else..i had one such 'battle' today.
i went to the post office.
yeah, keep laughing, i know its funny..
firstly, i almost died in the attempt-reason #1 to call it a notable victory. reason #2 would be the overcoming of fear, self-conquering(almost destroying?) and the higher plane aspects. well, if anyone could make the trip to the post office the drama it was, it had to be me.
this morning, appa asked me to bulk post some letters for him at the mount road post office. and to buy an envelope and post another letter as well.. i seriously didnt feel like going outta the house and catching some dumb, crowded 27D, especially on the one day i didnt have to catch it for college. and i wanted to wash my hair; it was feeling like coconut coir...anyway, by the time i'd slowly, unwillingly, gotten ready, it was around 1.30. just lay down for a few minutes and managed to fall fast asleep.. and got up at 4.00. amma was back from work and i took her bike very happily.. managed to catch the evening traffic, almost miss the post office and very literally become a traffic-stopper by cutting across 3 lanes.. got some very interesting vocabulary in return for my thrill trip, though.. didnt know where to do the bulk posting, found out after wandering about a bit, went to the main post office to pay the receipt and then belatedly remembered about the individual mail. wandered about a bit more and managed to send off all the bulk mails.. then discovered that the envelope i had bought was a little too zealously stuck so i couldnt put the letter inside.. after some bitter complaints to the poor bulk mail attendant who had nothing to do with it all, i managed to stuff it in and mail it.. finally finished all the work and started back home.. was in a rather aimless mood and thats a little dangerous for me cos i tend to ride on automatic. and lose track of the route im taking. took some weird route and finally found myself thankfully on beach road. when i finally got back home, i found out that my mom had ridden past her friend's house by accident and that my sister had hit a car..... guess it runs in the family!!

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