Thursday, October 20, 2005

idle as dead leaves spinning in the breeze.
no need to reason.
just let go or regroup for further battle.
unity in isolation.

we had a workshop on spaces. pick a space, any space and look at it. what does that space mean to you? how do u react to that space? now work on what uve got. create art in that space. an art that defines both u and that space in the same breath. that was our brief. man, that was pretty depressing.. i was in no mood to think. all that was on my mind was how i was going to do 3 paintings in one week when i'd taken three months to do the first three. i think i snapped at anyone who was fool enough to get within a 2 mtr radius round me..
our group had 7 people and we picked 2 spaces that meant the most to us as a group. we picked performance art to express our ideas. one space was where we eat everyday, where we speak out, argue, gossip.. the other is this flight of steps near the canteen where we chill out when we bunk.. here we dont talk much, just sit around, read, msg.. sometimes one-on-one personal talk. two spaces that we reacted to so differently. we used footprints off different colours to link the 2 spaces. each colour signified one individual. and we read a poem at the end of the performance.
thats the poem at the head of this entry. and i thought up the whole thing.. theme, concept, presentation! cool, huh.. wrote the poem too.. was some last minute rubbish.. forgot all about it and then jus wrote somethin off the top of my head.. everybody was impressed.. mainly cos they couldn't really get what i was talkin about.. it sounded intelligent and high funda.. but all they are are just phrases that popped into my mind when i thought of that space.. hehehe.. well, the more impressive it sounds, the less people like admitting they dont get it.. no one likes looking dumb.. good for me.. if someone had asked me what it meant, i could have hardly given a satisfactory answer..
it was a nice exercise.. took a lot outta me those three days.. no one else outside of my dept could understand.. 98% of the world doesnt get what performance art is. and even if they do, they think- big deal. so they made some footprints. i could do that. well, they could if they thought the way i do. very few people think the way i do. most of them dont even know what i think. the workshop made no earthshattering change- our class is damn good and we came up with some brilliant stuff- but it did make me look at spaces a little more closely. each space means something different to each person. i mean, take the windowsill on the room on my terrace for instance.. to me its my all time favourite chill out spot.. ive sat there for hours, reading, msging, writing, doing homework, cramming last minute for an exam, just idly dreaming.. for my brother, its something to stand on so he can climb onto the roof and play police and robbers. for the maid, its something to keep the clips on as she hangs out clothes to dry..for others, it may just be a windowsill, nothing more.. see what i mean? we are all just passing thru, but each of us leave something of us behind. and that space records that memory.
hmmm.. i seem to specialize in writing things that are understandable only to me.. that was always my english teacher's complaint.. i think thats more than enough crap for one entry...


::Catch:: >me< if u can said...

That was sum really cool writing.You've got real talent.Keep it up.

bloodfetishme said...
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bloodfetishme said...

Hey gurl your more than great.
I jus passed off when i saw those great inscriptions of the great artist(Dont ask me how i knew that).lmao.
Maybe you can help out some time,teachin' me how to go about w/ this. ttyl (me-you know bloodfetishme)