Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Two roads diverged in a lonely wood..

Everyone’s heard Robert frost’s famous poem.
I had to mug it at an early age and then, later, had to work on it from all angles, writing essays, analyses, appreciations, criticisms…
By the end of it all, I heartily hated the poem and once I was done with English classes, consigned it to meander into whatever God-forsaken forest Frost had chosen to write about. And to get lost there.
Little did I ever expect to feel with the dude.
Except that I seem to see dozens of these roads, a few narrower paths and some deer trails as well. Which shall I take?

The well known roads are easier on the feet and are comfortable. There will be other people on the way, footsteps for me to follow, well-worn, deep-trodden, smooth roads. The forest is cut back and divorced from this road. It is almost a highway.

The narrower paths are harder to follow. Not as smoothly laid, with bumps here and there. It is worn, but not often used. I can stop for rest, but mustn’t linger. I may meet another traveler but not often. There will be signposts, but few and far between.

The deer track… why do I like the deer track the best? Narrow and treacherous, the trees creating an arch over my head, the grass grows on the path itself. Tree roots take hold of the feet, a stream suddenly cuts across the path. If I fall, there will be no one to come to my aid. I fall alone and there my journey will end. What pulls my feet to this track?I once chose the narrow path and now I face a fork. Do I take the path to the highway where I shall be safe? Or shall I let my feet take me to the deer trail? I don’t know. Do I have the courage to face the unknown? And by my example, lead others onto my track, making it another highway? Do I have the power to do that? And more importantly, is that what I want? I don’t know.

What shall my choice be? What do I want?

Someday, I shall look back. Maybe then, I shall be able to say if the choices I make now have made all the difference.

For now…

I don’t know.


Anonymous said...

hey..why all the sadness?


hey nice one!

francisthomas3 said...

and excellent metaphorical use of englisgh

An admirer you know said...

Hey there.(Sheila?)... amazing... really nice!! and for all your complaining that you've banished the poem forever do you realize that this blog is actually your application of the poem to whatever you're feeling?? but great writing man.. keep it up!

harlequin said...

thanks for ur comment.. admirer??

hamsini said...

Brilliant post!:) I reckon if the ride doesn't feel too bumpy,you're alright.Hang in there,and enjoy the ride.:)

Anonymous said...

That was beautiful! Almost the same dilemma I am in, mayb many people currently r in!!

Very well expressed.


harlequin said...

thank u hamsini and sami..
this so makes me feel good..

Anonymous said...

Hey Sheila . Didnt mean to pry but isn't it " Two roads diverged in a yellow wood" and not lonely ?
Oh, and oops. I am Anvitha . Francis's friend.

anvitha said...

I mean, lonely. and not yellow.
anyways, I loved your interpretation of the poem.